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Since 1997, Onyxx has been one of the premier equity investors in the United States. We are headquartered in Kirkland, WA.   Onyxx Investment Group is a firm focused on acquiring  Deed of Trust whole loans (performing and non-performing), Judgment Liens, and Liens that are secured by either commercial or residential real estate.  We work closely with the FDIC, banks, special servicers, private sector and bankruptcy trustees to purchase assets for the purpose of future monetization.

Onyxx offers a sensible yield to investors that are seeking an alternative to the stock and bond markets. Trust Deeds, secured by real tangible property, when professionally underwritten and managed, are a good investment alternative for the income-producing portion of an investment portfolio.  With the continuing volatility in the stock and bond markets, including the diversity offered by Trust Deeds is sensible.  We have a fund for accredited investors and institutions to take additional advantage of Trust Deed investment.  Onyxx is vetted, registered, and FDIC Level 2 process certified.   We maintain relationships with regional and nationwide banks to ensure quick and efficient transactions.


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The only way to decide what is best for your situation is to know the options available.

When you request a free note analysis it reveals the current market value of your payments – similar to what a real estate appraisal provides for real property. Sometimes referred to as a “note appraisal” or “request for quote,” it lets you know how much your future payments are worth in cash dollars today!


Most Banks now include distressed debt selling programs as part of their overall balance sheet and income statement management strategy. Distressed debt sales can generate immediate recovery income for banks in two ways: first by impacting loan loss reserves from the sale of charged-off debt, second by reducing classified asset totals on the balance sheet through the sale of other non-performing and sub-performing loan assets.  Boards of Directors are increasingly finding that the sale of debt is an essential tool to achieve higher stock prices and report improved earnings.

In the past, lenders were effectively able to grow out of the bad debts, which enabled them to postpone the day of reckoning. This model has changed and regulators have grown wary of letting bad loans roll over endlessly at the expense of fresh lending.  While banks can dispose of distressed assets themselves, this process can be time consuming (upwards of 2 years) and costly as the Bank’s capital for lending is decreased as long as they own the asset.  Onyxx specializes in this work and enables our client Banks to focus on its performing assets and new loans.


Trust Deed investing offers many investors another method of diversification to help reduce volatility in their portfolio and a way to generate additional income. Trust Deeds, secured by real tangible property, when professionally underwritten and managed, are a good investment alternative for the income-producing portion of an investment portfolio.

Historically, Trust Deeds have outperformed cash investments and exhibited less volatility than stocks, although stocks and mutual funds can offer high returns, they have greater risks. Furthermore, the return of Trust deeds has often offset the negative return on stocks during periods of market downturn.  As a result, adding Trust Deed investments to an all stock portfolio generally increase’s the overall return and lowers the risk of your portfolio.





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