About Onyxx

Since 1997, Onyxx has been one of the premier equity investors in the United States. We are headquartered in Kirkland, WA.   Onyxx Investment Group is a firm focused on acquiring  Deed of Trust whole loans (performing and non-performing), Judgment Liens, and Liens that are secured by either commercial or residential real estate.  We work closely with the FDIC, banks, special servicers, private sector and bankruptcy trustees to purchase assets for the purpose of future monetization.

Onyxx offers a sensible yield to investors that are seeking an alternative to the stock and bond markets. Trust Deeds, secured by real tangible property, when professionally underwritten and managed, are a good investment alternative for the income-producing portion of an investment portfolio.  With the continuing volatility in the stock and bond markets, including the diversity offered by Trust Deeds is sensible.  We have a fund for accredited investors and institutions to take additional advantage of Trust Deed investment.  Onyxx is vetted, registered, and FDIC Level 2 process certified.   We maintain relationships with regional and nationwide banks to ensure quick and efficient transactions.


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